When you create something worth reading, people won’t feel violated when you share it. But if they don’t respond to your content, simply barking louder (or to put it in social media terms, repeating the same email multiple times in a row OR MAKING YOUR STATUS UPDATE IN CAPITAL LETTERS), doesn’t make you or your content any more valuable. to get noticed. While it’s your duty as a marketer to help your content spread, it’s not about yelling or barking at all! 3. Don’t fight each other; social networks are social Walking with dogs in the forest and meeting other dogs you can see two types of behavior, especially in male dogs: Some of them always try to show that they are better.

They make themselves look as big as possible, walking on tiptoe and pushing up the head and the tail. The other type is typical of the Newfoundland dog: they’re not trying to impress, they just know their size, they’re big anyway. They just stay calm and relaxed and tell the other dogs to relax too. Isn’t it much better to be friends instead of always competing for air? Seeing people with different personalities and characteristics fighting for their success on social networks (like a pack of wolves), I discovered one thing: it is better to work together. The social media pie is big enough for all of us, and you’ll notice that many big names in marketing have found a way to connect, help each other, share content, and interact.

Take Blogs As An Example

If you start thinking of other bloggers as friends and colleagues instead of competitors or envied enemies, you will find many opportunities to benefit from each other and grow together. Take blogs as an example. If you start thinking of other bloggers as friends and colleagues instead of competitors or envied enemies, you will find many opportunities to benefit from each Macedonia whatsapp number list  other and grow together. Think of all the guest blogging opportunities, interviews, expert roundups you could be a part of… Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Marketers, bloggers and social media professionals have their own purposes and want to achieve something unique. But it’s not making others small that will enhance your success.

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On social media, you want to build a reputation, and that’s about how others think of you. It’s best to treat others with the same care and consideration with which you want your name associated, or you can expect your reputation to decline faster than you can build it. As with dogs, people on social media have long memories. Stay in a positive light with as many people as possible; you never know when you might need the package. 4. Don’t bite the weak If you are the biggest dog in the woods and have a long, thick coat that prevents you from hurting yourself easily, you can be generous and ignore the attacks of the smaller ones. Most of the time they just don’t know better or do it out of fear. There is not much strength to show when biting weak opponents.

If You Want To Show

Your strength and skill, find a worthy opponent (perhaps a troll) and help the weak find their way. Social networks are still new, even today, many companies have not even jumped on the bandwagon. In addition, many people and companies have started to use different networks. Without having discovered the special mechanisms and processes for each channel. Sometimes people make a mistake (this has happened to all of us at some point during the learning process).  Sometimes people yell when they should be soft or post a promotional article or comment instead of being educational and sincere. Try to remember the times when you yourself were a puppy of social networks. How grateful you were for some pats on the back and scratches behind the ear, for some tips and help, likes and shares.

Not everyone is your enemy Some dogs we meet bark or growl at Fellow; recently, one even jumped on him and bit his fur (no, Fellow wasn’t hurt). Some of them don’t recognize. Fellow as a dog (he does resemble a bear, so that must be forgiven), some of them may even be provoked. By his utter calmness and lack of angry reaction at the sight of him. In most cases, a friendly explanation helps and they still manage to be friends later: the dog that attacked Fellow? He didn’t even growl the next time we saw him… There are always misunderstandings. On social media, the smile in your words can get lost in your writing. An exclamation point could mistake for a snarl while. It was meant to be a friendly “wuff,” and a comment could be mistake for a tongue-in-cheek insult.

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