Shop-loop, launched by Google, is a platform focused on centralizing the online sales process, providing access to evaluation videos and product purchases. Carissa Lacerate July 17th, 20th | Reading: min shop loop The Belarus Email Lists online shopping process has become increasingly sophisticated and interactive, as a way to generate greater convenience and confidence for the buyer. Before even accessing a store or placing a product in the cart, we consume a series of contents, the Belarus Email Lists famous reviews, so that we can be sure about the product’s quality, company reliability, cost-effectiveness and a series of other factors. With that complex per-acquisition process in mind, Area 120, Google’s in-house laboratory of innovation, launched Shop loop , a shopping platform focused on using Belarus Email Lists short videos to drive discovery, review and purchase of new products all in one same location.

How does Shoploop work?

Shop loop founder Lax Poorboy says he had this idea when he saw someone on the subway access a post on a social network about a product, migrate to watch a YouTube video about it, and finally access the brand’s website to Belarus Email Lists buy it. it. From that point on, it had become clear to him the possibility of unifying this experience. Want to learn more about how Shop loop works, when it will be available, and some other insights on the topic? So read on! How does Shop loop Belarus Email Lists work? Shop loop’s idea is similar to practices already carried out on platforms such as Instagram and Ticktock , in which short vertical videos are used with the objective of promoting a brand or product. However, instead of focusing on the social Belarus Email Lists experience, at Shop loop, product promotion is central.

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When will Shoploop be available?

Thus, the tool will be fed by videos from brands and content producers about specific products which must be presented in less than 90 seconds . ​If you find a product you like on the platform, you can buy it instantly, save it Belarus Email Lists for later and even share it with your friends and family. In addition, you will also be able to follow your favorite profiles to follow your posts frequently. According to Google itself, “The Shop loop experience is more interactive than just scrolling Belarus Email Lists through a series of images, titles and descriptions like on a traditional e-commerce site ”. “Shop loop helps you find product reviews from real people who are knowledgeable about products in a particular field” Shop loop online shopping app At the moment, the tool is focused on the beauty industry , such as Belarus Email Lists makeup, skin, hair and nail care brands,

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