You will then be able to establish metrics in the Audience section. Configuring and comparing the reports that are directly related to the number of visits. Which will determine for Google and Venezuela phone number. The ranking and positioning of your website by quantity and quality of your website traffic.. Number of Sessions (visits to your website)Number of users Number of Page Views Average Duration Bounce Rate. Regardless of whether you can make a temporary comparison of the visit report, adjusting dates and periods in the calendar. Google Analytics allows you to generate a report, export it and even automate sending it by email. You can trust the period and the day of delivery and you can also configure the format: PDF, CSV, TSV or Excel.

This is a practical way to measure and evaluate the progress and conversion of your traffic goals and visits to your website, month by month. If you create the report with a comparison of equal time periods, the report will give you metrics and percentages of each of the parts to be Venezuela phone number list. SEO with Google Analytics Qualitative Reports2. Qualitative reports in Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to create custom objectives so that you can evaluate them for specific periods of time. In the Administration section, in the third column, you can create and customize them. You can create them for economic, reservation or pre-conversion purposes. I explained it to you in the previous post: the Google Analytics Guide .

Google Analytics Venezuela phone number list Allows

But today we are responsible for Venezuela phone number with Google Analytics , so in the personalization section of the objectives, you can, for example, create the following objectives. goal dwell time Google Analytics SEO Time of permanence: of your visits to your page, it will allow you to know how long your users remain on your website and take measures to improve that average, since for Google algorithms it is a metric that helps determine the interest of users for a website. For example, for my page I have set a goal of 3 minutes.


visited pages report Number of pages visited . This will allow you to evaluate and compare the navigation of your website visits and of course improve the bounce rate. With which this metric is also directly related to SEO, because a page that offers a good browsing experience to users is also important for Google. For my page I have established more than 2 page views per visit, which allows me to evaluate the degree of interest of my readers in other articles or other sections of my website.

You to Create Custom Venezuela phone number list Reports

You to create custom reports according to your Marketing objectives. Seo with Google Analytics visits report3. Evaluation Quantitative and qualitative report of visits in relation to SEO. I present an example of a report of the number of visits by country in the last month. This report allows me to know not only the scope and origin of my visits, but also which ones best meet the objectives in relation to Venezuela phone number list. Time spent (I have set more than 3 minutes) and number of pages visited (more than 2 in each visit). To better Venezuela phone number list.

It is important that you reorganize the Google Analytics reports according to your interests and under various points of view. For example, in this visit report, the country I have the most visits from is Spain, but if I click on the top of the session duration (dwell time) column, the report reorders. Google Analytics allows you to view and organize your reports quantitatively and qualitatively. So the report tells me that the visits that remain on my website the longest come from Italy, New Zealand, Venezuela phone number and Costa Rica. Those visits are important, towards my goal of dwell time , since their visits are an average of more than 3 minutes; while the visits that come from Spain, stay an average of one minute and fifty seconds.

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