To top it off, back links help bring qualified traffic to your pages. After all, whoever clicks on them is already interested in the subject and wants to keep getting Russia Phone Number List informed. That is, it is a user with high chances of becoming a lead and then a customer. Since back links are so important, this leads us to the question: how do you monitor them? How to monitor links? Check out 10 tools! It would be impossible Russia Phone Number List to monitor your blog links manually, but thankfully there are tools that simplify this task a lot. It is about some of them that we will talk now, follow! 1. Check My Links The Check My Links is a very easy tool to use, starting with Russia Phone Number List the fact that it is an extension for Google Chrome.

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After installing it, its icon is available next to the address bar. To check your website’s links , simply access it and then click on the tool’s button. It will highlight Russia Phone Number List  with green those that are working correctly and red those that are broken. Check My Links With Check My Links, you can easily find the links that are broken and harming the user experience and the SO of the site. This tool can even be Russia Phone Number List useful for an external back links strategy. For example, it’s worth visiting a potential partner’s blog and checking out their links. If any links are not working, you can contact the person responsible and invite them to link to your content , which Russia Phone Number List solves the problem of the broken link. In other words, the strategy is good for both parties.

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Monitor Back links It’s clear to you that it’s not good to have bad back links pointing to your pages, right? After all, if they don’t meet Google’s quality guidelines, they can affect the search engine’s opinion of your site . But how to know about the existence of these links? The Back links Russia Phone Number List Monitor facilitates this task by providing information about each new back link that is pointing to your site. Back links Monitor In addition to indicating the origin and destination of the Russia Phone Number List  link, the tool shows the domain’s authority, indicating the level of relevance of a site in your area. If you configure your competitors in the tool dashboard, you can still monitor the back links they earn. This bench marking can help a lot in developing SO strategies. As a bonus, Monitor Back links even Russia Phone Number List allows you to monitor keywords and their ranking in search engines.

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