If you sell clothes, “P, M, G” is not enough. You need to include measurements for each body part. In addition to making the customer more secure, you also reduce the chance of exchanges. I know the shipping cost is a flea in the ear. 3. Format your text for someone in a hurry The Guyana Email List formatting of the product description is just as important as the content. You need to hold your visitor’s attention. Make it easy for your visitors — who probably have multiple browser windows open. Highlight words in bold and Guyana Email List use inter titles to draw the reader’s eyes to where you want them. Bullet point topics are an excellent way to group product specifications in a readable form. Presenting information in small blocks, punctuated by icons, can help improve retention Now that we’ve covered the basics, I’m going to Guyana Email List give you a few tips for going a step further and writing killer product descriptions.

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Come on! 8 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Product Description An excellent product description in e-commerce attracts the reader. And, to seduce your audience, the first step is to know and be Guyana Email List seduced by your product. Fall in love with what you sell. Study its utilities. Marvel at the details. And then start… 1. Write to the person who would LOVE to know your product If you’re selling something, I hope you know who your target audience is Guyana Email List and who your persona is. You developed your product with someone in mind, right? No matter what type of text you are writing, you should always write to one person, not a group of strangers. Make a persona and tap into the frustration, pain and desires of someone specific. When you Guyana Email List write to someone, that someone feels understood. Then he clicks “Add to cart” and you receive your payment.

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2. Search Keywords Keyword stuffing was a practice in the early days of SO. Fortunately, changes in search Guyana Email List engine algorithms have made searches smarter. This change allows writers to be more creative in producing relevant customer-focused descriptions. Keywords should appear naturally in titles and descriptions as they will help customers find the product on your website, marketplaces and search engines. The best Guyana Email List way to get started is by using a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner to determine the most popular queries. You can also use Google Search Console to find out which words drive traffic to your pages. Consider high search volume keywords, but also identify long tail terms. They have Guyana Email List fewer searches, but they convert well and are easier to rank.

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