With the Behavior Flows you will be able to see in general and supported by a graph. But also in detail how users navigate and behave on your website. By entry page, by content and by exit page. Which is the last one they visit on your website and if it is an ecommerce. It would be ideal for it to be the payment page. Page Analytics: Using the Chrome Extension. Page Analytics. In the Page Analytics South Africa Phone Number List of the Acquisition section. You can make use of the Page Analytics extension for Chrome. Which is free and can be downloaded as an extension for your browser. With it you can see how your visitors interact on your page.

You can see these interactions either by color maps that vary according to density, from blue in the areas with fewer interactions and in red those with more. It also allows you to view your page by or by percentage of interactions. This free Google Chrome extension for Google Analytics will allow you to see in which areas of your website and on each of the pages, your users click. It is a great tool to understand in a different way the navigation path of the views on your website, which will allow you to improve or adapt the structure of your website to facilitate its use. It will also help you correct possible errors on your website or make more effective calls to action.

Configuration and Monitoring

Another of the great advantages of Google Analytics is that you can make use of labels or Tags and configure the sources and URL of your email Marketing campaigns. With this, you can track each campaign and each Newsletter and know which one and how it helps you better meet your conversion, sales or subscription, reservation, appointment request, estimate, etc. goals.

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The monitoring of email marketing campaigns will allow you to know the behavior of your users after receiving your communication. If you work with platforms like Mailchimp , Benchmark and AWeber , you will be able to see the rate from their own platform the number of openings of your email. But through the tracking tag created with Google Analytics, you will be able to know how they interact with your website. This monitoring is strategic so that you can measure, compare and improve the number of conversions , as well as navigation paths, dwell time and exit page, for example. This will allow you to be more assertive with each of your campaigns.

Content Flows and Conversion Funnels

In the conversions section you will find another flow report: the goal flow, which is also a graph that represents the conversion path and the traffic funnel in relation to your goals. This report is very useful, since it allows you to know if the users who reach your website through your content reach the specific objectives that you have set. Always associated with a certain period of time or in comparison, it shows you the route that users have traveled until the conversion of a goal that you have established.

As I explained to you before, web analytics cannot only consider the number or origin of your visits, but must help you go further and know what the content is that helps you the most to convert your Marketing objectives . To do this, this report shows you in detail what is the source, channel or type of traffic that helps you convert your goals: through search engines, social networks, ad campaigns, email marketing, if it is through the setting up an event, etc.

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