One of the many features that can be used in this phase of the funnel, called consideration , is the info-graphic. By adding the element of interactivity, you give the lead an extra reason to consume the content, making the Moldova Email List learning experience fun and interesting for the consumer. An excellent example in this regard is this interactive info graphic created by the San Francisco Chronicle to educate its readers about the different tours offered by the Rocky Moldova Email List Mountaineer company. In flowchart form, the material allows the user to be in control of the experience, generating greater engagement. Interactive Marketing Another type of content that can be cited as an example for lead nurturing is the interactive calculator. Imagine that your prospect is in the Moldova Email List decision stage and you want to make it clear how your business can increase its revenue.

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Offering an OI calculator like the one created by Symantec can be the necessary push for the conversion. Interactive Marketing webinar online calculators Moldova Email List Consumer loyalty Once attracted and converted, the consumer needs to be loyal. This gives the company a loyal customer base, essential for the brand’s reputation and for attracting new stakeholders, creating a true cycle. However, loyalty is not a simple Moldova Email List activity. To execute it, it is necessary to understand that the consumer’s journey does not end at the time of sale. Instead, it must continue to be nurtured with content that adds value and maintains proximity between the customer and the Moldova Email List company. For starters, you can work on an interactive post-sale, such as a questionnaire about the solution offered.

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More than that, it is necessary to give consumers reasons to continue consuming Moldova Email List what your brand has to offer. This includes actions such as points programs and the offering of prizes. The latter, incidentally, was brilliantly performed by the company Net-app, through this interactive quiz . Interactive Marketing In order to test the customer’s knowledge of a specific subject, the content allows for Moldova Email List awards according to the users’ attendance and performance. This scenario, marked by ramification, creates a unique experience that will certainly mark your company in the consumer’s mind. How to carry out Interactive Marketing in practice? Now that you understand the principles of Interactive Marketing and know some of the main types of interactive content , you can Moldova Email List start implementing this strategy in practice. For this, it is essential to prepare a clear plan, starting with the objectives to be achieved with this approach.

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