If you still have doubts about the importance of Black Friday for Brazilian retail, check out the data from E-bit/Nielsen : the sales volume in 2017 reached R$ 2.4 billion , which represented a  palestine Email List  growth of 16% in compared to volumes registered in 2016. Organized by Proxy Media, with the support of E-Commerce Brasil and AB COMM, the award involving the settlement was born from the creation of the True Black Friday platform, designed to guide consumers in seeking the best purchase conditions palestine Email List during the settlement. In this post, we’ll explain how the platform’s mechanics work, give more details about the Real Black Friday Award and also present practical tips on how companies can make the best use of palestine Email List the date. Follow up! What is the Real Black Friday platform?

What Is The Real Black Friday Platform

Created in 2014, the True Black Friday platform was created to facilitate the online shopping experience of consumers during the Black Friday period. At the time, the sale was starting to gain more palestine Email List strength in Brazil, but there was a problem: the lack of confidence of the Brazilian consumer, generated by the non-commitment of e-commerce with the purpose of the event, which is to offer special conditions for customers. To encourage good practices, Proxy Media created a platform to register companies interested in palestine Email List participating in the event. To participate, they sign a term of commitment, agreeing to: offer real discounts; communicate clearly with the public; provide good service. In addition to participating in an initiative that aims to honor the event, which is good for the entire e-commerce palestine Email List ecosystem, there is another important advantage for stores: another channel for disseminating offers ,

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And with an important detail, the consumer knows that he is receiving something from a company that, in a way, has already been guaranteed, which can be an important differential in a palestine Email List period of so much information about “unmissable discounts”. In order to increase the participation of the public, who must register on the website to receive the offers, forms of incentive were created, such as the drawing of cash prizes that can be used to pay for purchases made during the promotion. The numbers palestine Email List accumulated so far show that the initiative has worked: in 3 years, more than 300 thousand people have already registered on the platform , which had 1 million accesses in the period. How did the Real Black Friday Award come about? Based on the good results obtained, in 2017 Proxy Media, with the palestine Email List support of E-Commerce Brasil and AB COMM,

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