The management dashboard is a way to gather and analyze relevant data in real time. With this strategy, you create a visual format to accompany the large Libya Email Lists volume of information that the digital universe offers and that can be used as a strategic differential for the business world. Ivan DE Sousa May 7th, 20th | Reading: min management Libya Email Lists dashboard Agencies Week – Event for digital agencies The management dashboard contributes to the day-to-day organization of a digital agency. In the same way that Kansan contributes to the distribution of operations, ensuring that all stages are delivered in a timely manner, with the dashboard, the idea is to Libya Email Lists monitor all relevant results in one place. In other words, it brings a visual garb to numbers and dice.

What Is a Management Dashboard

In this article we talk about the importance of a management dashboard and how to implement this strategy to help monitor your company’s processes. Find out how your communications agency can use a dashboard and Libya Email Lists how to implement this technology which streamlines the data analysis process, contributing to quick and accurate decision-making. Good reading! What is a management dashboard? Libya Email Lists The management dashboard, which can also be known as a data dashboard, is a screen that visually gathers the most relevant information for a company . If an agency tracks the number of active accounts, prospecting for new ones (first contact, automation, follow ups, etc.), the level of Libya Email Lists satisfaction of current customers and employee productivity, all this information will be gathered on the same screen.

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It is important to differentiate the dashboard from the management report . While the business Libya Email Lists dashboard is focused on showing data in real time, allowing you to work with BI (business intelligence), reporting is static. To have the results updated in a report, it must be reissued. What are the 3 types of management dashboards? The dashboard is customization so that it can meet the specifics of each company. There are Libya Email Lists several types of dashboards, 3 of which are the most common. The operational dashboard deals with operational issues such as logistics and other company operations. In the case of an agency, monitoring results with client campaigns fits here. Other issues, such as the level of task deliverable, can also Libya Email Lists  enter the operational dashboard. The tactical dashboard takes a managerial perspective.

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