When you say that the intern’s guilt, do you realize how this phrase can be full of prejudices? Interns and interns are professionals in training who can Botswana Email Lists contribute to your company and deserve attention from your management. Understand now what this phrase can mean for your business. Camilla Casarotto 1 Oct | Reading: min it’s the intern’s fault When things go wrong, many people say that the intern is to Botswana Email Lists blame. In the marketing area , this blaming can be even more common: Did you publish a wrong photo on social media ? It’s the intern’s fault. Did you send an email on the wrong day? It’s the intern’s fault. Did you respond to a customer Botswana Email Lists in the wrong way? It’s the intern’s fault. ​This phrase is often used in jest. In other cases, it serves to assign blame.

How is the internship in Brazil

Anyway, do you see how this attitude is loaded with prejudice and can reveal flaws in the management of companies ? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Botswana Email Lists what’s behind that phrase and the attitude of blaming the company’s mistakes on the intern. You will realize that the intern is not always responsible often, it is the management of the business. And when the intern really gets it wrong, he shouldn’t have his fingers pointed at him. Follow up now to reflect on this Botswana Email Lists subject with us! What is the problem with the phrase “the intern is to blame”? How is the internship in Brazil? What is the role of the intern? When is not the intern’s fault? And if the intern is to blame, what to do? What are the most common mistakes made by interns? What is the problem with the Botswana Email Lists phrase “the intern is to blame”?

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What is the role of the intern

Te phrase “the intern is to blame” is often said in a joking tone. It may be that the error has nothing to do with the intern, but that person is to blame. After all, interns Botswana Email Lists are newcomers and become a “punching bag” in companies. But, as we will see later, this attitude can inhibit the best contributions it could make to companies and the market. In other cases, the responsibility may be the intern or the intern. It’s natural, Botswana Email Lists isn’t it? After all, this activity presupposes that the person is not yet a complete professional. Therefore, he tends to make more mistakes until he acquires knowledge and experience. Thus, blaming does not help much in personal and professional development . Instead, companies should welcome Botswana Email Lists mistakes and work to make sure they don’t happen again.

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