Because it uses the same principle as the magnetic window, only inside the store and not in front of it. This helps to create a vivid image in the person’s UK Phone Number List mind and move them closer to the purchase. 5. Sell incrementally Generally, the combination will have a main product, the item most people are looking for, and a convenience item. The primary product should be the highest-priced product, while UK Phone Number List the secondary product should appear to be just incremental. The idea that the buyer must have when seeing the two items together is “Wow, since I’m here I’m taking this product too, my bill won’t even increase much.” 6. Create the UK Phone Number List experience in the customer’s mind There is an important sales principle of “don’t talk, show” and it applies very well here.

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Not even the most flashy discount poster can speak as loudly as an intuitive and consistent mix of products. The person’s first reaction is to see the two items UK Phone Number List together, in a pleasant experience. That’s where the emotional part of the purchase is done. The most he needs to do afterwards is see if the price gets in the way or not. But the point is: you don’t have to tell the customer that the match is UK Phone Number List good . This has to be evident as soon as he looks at the products together. 7. Think about the buyer’s ultimate goal Finally, get away from the opposite of what we just talked about. Always think about the objective with which the customer went to your establishment. More than that, because he is in that UK Phone Number List session, looking for that product. This will help to avoid combinations that hinder sales rather than help.

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A person who goes to the organic section seeks to eat healthier. She probably doesn’t want a soda-filled packaged sauce to go with it. A recyclable bag or fruit wrapper UK Phone Number List would make perfect sense. What are the 2 simple types of Cross Merchandising you need to apply? There are different ways to apply Cross Merchandising in your business. Let’s dig deeper into two of them. Both are simple, but perfect for you UK Phone Number List to start feeling the powerful effect of this strategy. 1. Live Marketing Live Marketing is the famous tasting. If you are going to promote a new wine brand, how about joining a quality cheese? If you’re going to promote a new type of coffee, UK Phone Number List why not add some selected breads or biscuits?

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