Now, check out 5 tips on how to apply this productivity tool in your daily life. 1. Use organizing apps There are several Cambodia Phone Number List organizing applications with which you can implement an Eisenhower Matrix model, such as Ever note, Trellis, and Adana. The methods can vary, but you can create a list with absolutely everything you have to do, another 4 corresponding to each quadrant, and another with completed tasks. So, the idea is to transfer your to-do from the first list to the appropriate “quadrant” Cambodia Phone Number List and then drag tasks to the last list as they are completed. 2. Focus on quadrant 2 Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , argues in his bestseller that some people get so busy with Quadrant 1 Cambodia Phone Number List tasks that they never have time for others .

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Keep in mind that while Quadrant 2 items are not urgent, they are still important and have to do with your long-range goals. So be careful not to spend all your time taking care of what’s important Cambodia Phone Number List and urgent. Always try to plan to also take care of what does not need immediate action, but which is still important. 3. Update the matrix constantly Before starting your workday, it is important to know what will need to be Cambodia Phone Number List done in the next few hours. This will be crucial to keeping your focus. So, every day in the morning or at the end of work, make sure you check all the quadrants of the matrix and, in each one, organize the tasks in order of priority . 4. Think more about accomplishment than enumeration Cambodia Phone Number List During this daily planning , be careful not to overdo the amount of tasks in each quadrant.

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Focus more on what you are capable of accomplishing and not on listing as many obligations as possible. Around 7 or 8 items in each ranking should be enough. If you overload the quadrants, you probably Cambodia Phone Number List won’t have time to do, plan, delegate, and eliminate all to-do. The result? You will end the day with frustration for not having finished what you intended. 5. Fight procrastination More than visualizing the Cambodia Phone Number List tasks you need to complete, it is essential to monitor your ability to perform. Keep a separate control (a spreadsheet, for example) with a record of what you finished each day and indication of the quadrant of origin . This way, you identify which quadrant you are spending the most time in and can Cambodia Phone Number List even see if you are procrastinating more than acceptable.

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