The easiest way to start, if you don’t have a business to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List, is to create a Facebook page and try to build awareness of it. Facebook offers a platform, called ‘Facebook advert manager’, to advertise your own page, business or website. It’s easy and fun to practice. If you choose a digital marketing course which allows you to do an internship or a work experience, you could practice and be guided into the responsibilities.

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Going back to my personal experience, after the theoretical part I have done the Internship programmed, which consist in a period of 3 months work experience made up of doing the task that a digital marketer would deal on a daily basis routine. Duties like managing a blog, developing and managing digital marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness.

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Tracking conversion rates and making improvements to the website, designing strategies to drive traffic to the company website. Utilising techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC. After completing all this tasks I got the skills to start looking to find a job as digital marketer! That is the path I follow to convert my knowledge in traditional marketing into digital skills. Are you ready to start the conversion?