The objective is to capture the consumer’s attention , touching on a subject that he did not expect to have a relationship with a product. A person who has socialization difficulties may feel identification with content produced by a Benin Email Lists brand of toothpaste, for example. What does the product have to do with the problem? It is enough to show that contact with others sells trust, directly relating this characteristic to a beautiful and imposing smile. This is just one of several examples that Benin Email Lists reinforce the “power” of the brand in a way that the public never imagined, making them identify themselves after having contact with this content. Some of the goals of branded content are: Brand positioning in the market: when Benin Email Lists the proposal is to demonstrate a brand’s differential to the public,

O Boticário and the beauty that transforms

creating a sense of added value and confidence in the purchase process; Improved brand equity : Recognition of the company as an expert in the market, giving the feeling of leadership, even when this is not the reality in the Benin Email Lists sales data; “Word of mouth” marketing: when the content is so interesting and touches on a topic that is on the rise in society, consumers start talking about the content produced in conversation circles, indicating the product to friends in an unpretentious way; Spontaneous recall : the consumer will remember the brand at Benin Email Lists different times, whether during the purchase or in a conversation about the subject. The brand becomes a reference in its niche of activity. ​It is important to remember that the objective, in general, is not the direct sale of a product, but Benin Email Lists the positioning of the brand in a different way.

Benin Email Lists

Volvo and the confidence in its vehicles

​It is about developing a good relationship with the public. Examples of Outstanding Branded Content 1. Intel and the human processor The announcement of the release of a new computer processor needs to be thought out Benin Email Lists very carefully, because if the content released is very technical, the general public that buys these machines will not have the slightest interest. Meanwhile, if something is too vague, it will not be possible to see the product’s differential. Therefore, Intel innovated with an action that mixed the online world with the offline. The Benin Email Lists proposal was to present a computer that thought like a human. Therefore, the rapper Germicidal invited to perform a show for 150 people , which was broadcast live over the internet, while the online audience sent words that should be Benin Email Lists included in the rhyme via Twitter.

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