They all speak the same language – that’s the best prerequisite for engagement, and an engaged audience is often much more willing to buy what you have to offer. It’s easier to create high-quality content If your niche is narrow, it is much easier for you to become an expert or rather a specialist for exactly that narrow niche. You can read a lot, learn what you can exactly in this niche. Whereas a broad niche often requires you to be an “expert” in so many different aspects that you simply can’t learn everything and instead of being a specialist you become a generalist. You can’t be an expert on each and every subject out there. But being an expert and having an expert blog will help you tremendously in making your blog the go-to place for information in your niche.

Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG If your niche is narrow and clearly defined, you have a real chance of becoming an expert in your field. Do you already know where to find your audience? Are you sure you are using the best content delivery channels for your blog and audience? If you haven’t answered these questions yet, we can help you. Our “Choose Your Blog Distribution Channels” workbook will help you find the optimal channels to get free traffic for your content.

Creating Specific Products

And monetizing the blog can be easier In a broad niche, it’s often not so easy to figure out what would be a good product to offer your audience – a product that a large percentage of your target audience would love to have. In a narrow niche, you can simply ask your audience or learn for yourself what is India whatsapp number list  missing and provide very specific products and solutions. Your chances are high that the needs of your audience are homogeneous and a high percentage of your audience needs your product. Sometimes a small and narrow target audience can be good for bloggers. Having a very specific niche also means that it’s often easier to pin down the benefits of your product to exactly this audience. That makes it easier to grab attention and convince your audience with the right arguments.

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Monetization value can be higher If you found a niche and a product that is missing from that niche, the premium that people in your target audience are willing to pay for a solution can be quite high. That also means that in a narrow but specific niche, the premium you can ask for a specific product can be comparably high. Add this to the fact that putting into words the benefits of your product for a narrow niche can be much easier than for a broad niche, and you have a treasure trove of value to monetize your blog. Final words on a small target audience There are two approaches that can result in winning big as a blogger: go big, go big, and monetize by pure numbers.

Aim Really Well

And win with on-the-fly content, on-the-fly products, and a small but engaged target audience that is willing to pay good money for highly targeted products. Did you publish a new blog post? 12 things to start doing right now Published: 2017-08-18 Many new bloggers think their work is done when they hit the “publish” button. But in truth, the real work begins now. The work of getting the word out about the post, checking if the post resonates with the audience, getting links, engaging the audience… There’s a lot to do to make sure the whole blogging adventure doesn’t turn into a frustrating one. talk to yourself. hobby. Did you just publish a new blog post? The difference between a blog and a successful blog is what you do AFTER you publish a new blog post.

A published blog post doesn’t mean your work is done. Never underestimate the importance of promotion and other blogging tasks. #bloggingtips #bloggingtasks #startablog #bloggingforbeginners A couple of days ago, I published a post about the things you need to do BEFORE you publish your new blog post. Today’s post is about the things you need to do AFTER you publish your post. You want to do everything you can to get the post off the ground and get the attention it deserves. And there are many things you can do. The difference between a blog and a successful blog largely depends on how seriously a blogger takes the job AFTER publishing a blog post.

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