So, among the initiatives you can take are: Encourage your audience’s participation First, it is essential that you understand the need to encourage your target audience to interact with your content, in Kyrgyzstan Email Lists order to effectively attract them. Act on social media, do lives and polls , this way, your audience will feel closer to your business — after all, it is an important part of your strategy. Invest in your community Depending on your area of ​​Kyrgyzstan Email Lists expertise, it is possible for you to create groups online , or even in person, who will debate about a topic that you have a good grasp of: your area of ​​expertise. A strong and united community is capable of strengthening and enhancing any business. Integrate your performance On your blog , it is Kyrgyzstan Email Lists possible to reinforce authority in a subject.

Integrate Your Performance

In social networks, interaction with the public brings them closer to your product or service. Videos on YouTube , on the other hand, reinforce the educational side. Remember that “whoever is not Kyrgyzstan Email Lists seen is not remembered” . Therefore, have a relevant and active presence in different media. Know which media your target audience is in and offer them a narrative experience capable of complementing their knowledge, entertaining and even educating always adapting each content to the medium in which it will be Kyrgyzstan Email Lists  shown . What are the main examples where it has been adopted? Here are some practical examples of how the convergence culture has been embraced that can inspire you in your campaigns: heroes One of the first times that convergence culture was the inspiration for a media strategy Kyrgyzstan Email Lists was in the American series Heroes.

Kyrgyzstan Email Lists

The producers decided to expand the narrative to other media. In addition to the episodes shown on the NBC TV channel, they released other exclusives for the web, comics, games and even the Kyrgyzstan Email Lists possibility for viewers to create their own version online as superheroes, with the “Create your own Hero” initiative. hero). They named it Heroes Evolution, as an allusion to the evolution of original content outside of the traditional medium in which it was broadcast. Marvel For ten years, Marvel has been creating one of the most Kyrgyzstan Email Lists successful convergence strategies ever . The characters enshrined in the comics came to life on the big screen and won over fans in a unique way. Among the many tactics adopted are the so-called “Easter eggs”, references Kyrgyzstan Email Lists that appear throughout the films and that only a true fan of the universe can perceive.

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