However, data marketing requires that you plan data collection and analysis procedures, always with your Belgium WhatsApp Number List business objectives in mind. Now, let’s see the main tips for structuring marketing with a focus on data marketing: Deepen knowledge about the audience Gone are the days when marketing worked only with the demographic profile of the public and location, age and gender data. They are still important to Belgium WhatsApp Number List profile the audience, but it is necessary to deepen the knowledge about interests, motivations and behaviors. Content production must target what the audience wants or needs to know at that moment. Therefore, use the data to find out what people’s doubts and needs are and create posts that help to resolve them. In this way, the brand gets closer to the Belgium WhatsApp Number List public, because it shows its usefulness.

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In addition, also understand through the data what motivates people, what are their values ​​and their moment in life. Thus, the brand is able to connect with them and create meaningful Belgium WhatsApp Number List  conversations . Know what data to monitor Working with big data requires planning not to get lost in the large volume of data that exists. When looking at Google Analytics reports, for example, you have so much information available that you Belgium WhatsApp Number List may not be able to extract intelligence from there. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to prioritize the data that you must monitor. And what defines this prioritization are the objectives that must be outlined in marketing planning. This way, you can identify the K Pis, that is, Belgium WhatsApp Number List the key performance indicators, which tell you if your content is on the path to your goals.

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If content marketing aims to increase brand awareness, for example, data marketing should prioritize reach metrics, positioning in Google results, searches for the brand name in the search engine, among Belgium WhatsApp Number List others. Explore different types of data To exploit the full potential of data marketing, you need to use the different types of data that can be collected. First, look at the primary and secondary data . Primaries are those that have never been collected your company is the one who goes after Belgium WhatsApp Number List consumers or other sources to find out who they are or what they think. This data is valuable to know your audiences better and answer specific questions of your research . They are usually collected through: interviews Questionnaires Belgium WhatsApp Number List Feedback Surveys Focus groups ethnography or ethnography Web analytics tools cookies heat maps Secondary data, in turn,

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