Track metrics and results A post-event step that many organizers overlook is tracking metrics and results. However, this is one of the most important tasks in the entire organizing process and Qatar Phone Number List one that must be taken seriously. This set of parameters can provide a sense of the financial and sales results. One of the most used metrics is OI (return on investment), also known as return on investment. It helps to measure the Qatar Phone Number List return on the amounts invested, that is, this meter considers the financial aspect of the event, its cost/benefit ratio and the profit rate. Did you realize how important it is to plan events in your company? The entire process requires a lot of focus and organization on the part of the producers Qatar Phone Number List and all the professionals involved.

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Meet with your teams to assemble action plans, set objectives and goals, set a schedule and set a budget so Qatar Phone Number List you don’t have to do everything in the nick of time. Organizing is the most important step in event planning. Each social network has different video formats, with different sizes, resolutions and other specifications. It is no longer possible to use the same material on all platforms without Qatar Phone Number List adaptation. To help, we’ve listed everything you need to know about each of the top social networks used in Brazil! Rock Content Copywriter May 27, 20 | Reading: minim See the video size supported by major social networks The Video Marketing is more popular than ever. More and more brands are betting Qatar Phone Number List on the creation of audiovisual content to communicate with users.

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But, did you know that to do this properly, you need to master video sizes for social media ? This is because each Qatar Phone Number List social network has its types of videos , with different resolutions and dimensions. In addition, each platform allows different formats of audiovisual material, with specific duration. You cannot use the same video on all networks . It is necessary to adapt the strategy and the content to each one of them. To help your Qatar Phone Number List video marketing strategy, we’ve gathered in one post all the technical information about audiovisual material on major social media . Check out! Video Sizes for YouTube Video Sizes for Facebook Manhattans DE videos para o Instagram Manhattan DE videos para o Snap chat Manhattan DE videos para o Interest Manhattan DE videos para o Twitter Manhattan Qatar Phone Number List DE videos para o LinkedIn Video Sizes for YouTube.

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