Video platform aimed at original productions promises to compete with YouTube and Netflix. Understand Costa Rica Phone Number List everything about the subject in this post! Thai Coast Aug 10, 17 | Reading: min Facebook Watch Facebook today announced its new proposal: Facebook Watch, a video platform. Is this a Mark Beiderbecke idea to threaten YouTube? We will see below. The new feature was announced yesterday (August 9, 2017). It will Costa Rica Phone Number List work as an exclusive video page and the idea is to house original productions. The idea, in fact, is to pair Facebook Watch with the main video services in the world, such as You tube and Netflix. The Costa Rica Phone Number List Watch will work for both desktop and mobile and the TV app.

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However, the service will only be available to a limited group of users and producers in the US — for now, some of the Costa Rica Phone Number List producers will be big names like Buzz Feed, Taste-made and Condo Nat. But what is Facebook doing this for? That’s a very sensible question. After all, many people already watch videos on Facebook every day. However, they don’t think of Facebook as a place to watch videos — videos are just part of the feed. The Costa Rica Phone Number List intention is, therefore, to create an exclusive space for the videos (which also results in more Ads, that is, a profit for Facebook). We can think of Watch as a YouTube inside Facebook. Facebook intends to really set itself up as a platform for original productions and channels to Costa Rica Phone Number List make their content available and interact with the audience.

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In addition, Facebook itself intends to create its own productions , in a model that indicates something similar to Costa Rica Phone Number List what Netflix already does. Watch the Facebook will it work? The normal feed will be maintained, with normal interaction between users. Watch will be a new platform dedicated to videos. The Watch will be divided into two main parts: “Discover” and “Watch list” — the Portuguese names have not yet been Costa Rica Phone Number List created. Facebook Watch: Discover and Watch list Discover The discoveries tab is the main feed. In it, you can find videos produced by some channels for Facebook, which can be live or recorded videos. Users will be able to use Facebook reactions and comment on videos, as well as join Costa Rica Phone Number List groups about the video and — just as already happens in live broadcasts.

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