Rock Content Copywriter October 15, 18 | Reading: min What are distribution channels and why are they important to marketing To bring a product or service to the public, it is necessary to Benin WhatsApp Number List find the ideal sales channels. This is part of the companies’ strategy, and the more they make the right choices, the greater the success of the business. Currently, there are several options that tend to perform well, and these channels Benin WhatsApp Number List are online and offline. The choice depends primarily on an understanding of the persona of the business. Knowing more about its characteristics helps the company to know in which touch points to direct its sales actions. From there, it can even combine several channels , which Benin WhatsApp Number List enhances its performance in the market.

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In this content, you will learn more about the 10 main sales channels to develop a strategy! See which ones are and Benin WhatsApp Number List which ones are online and offline . Offline sales channels Offline channels are the oldest means for companies to make their sales . Despite not being the most modern today, when we live in the era of digital transformation , Benin WhatsApp Number List many of them are extremely important and have not ceased to be effective . Next, check out the offline options, which bring you the first channels on our list! 1. Distributors Distributors are sales channels of great importance and that remain relevant today. It is a business model that Benin WhatsApp Number List proposes to take products from different companies on a broad basis to the market.

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This performance can be retail, direct to the consumer, or wholesale, to stores. In this line of market, it is possible Benin WhatsApp Number List  to see the distributor as an intermediary between the source company, that is, the producer, and the consumer . The job is to always sell the product of third parties, using its logistics and its market reach to expand the performance of the brands with which it works regularly. The distributor is usually Benin WhatsApp Number List sought after by that company that wants to increase its reach in the market , taking the product to more consumers. The distributor is able to place this merchandise at strategic, qualified resellers. 2. Benin WhatsApp Number List Deductibles Franchise is one of the most successful sales channel models worldwide.

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