Would probably have the number stored if it has been used on the Internet Spain Phone Number List. If the call came from a business number, more than likely all the major search engines will have it stored. 4. Another free, yet potentially time wasting method is to comb through your local phone directory’s white pages hoping to recognize the number.

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While this method doesn’t cost anything, it probably won’t give you the information you are looking for before you go insane. 5. The last free way to find out who a phone number belongs to is to try one of the free online reverse phone lookups. This can work out rather well in many cases, but is not very efficient if the number is a cell phone number or if it is some kind of unlisted number or if it belongs to one of the prepaid phones.

Spain Phone Number List

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The prepaid phone numbers are almost impossible to discover who owns the number since. When the prepay is exhausted, the number is worthless. People who can’t afford or don’t have the credit to get a regular cell phone service, use these prepaid services. They are ideal for drug dealers and other people who want to change their phone number often.

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