Content marketing is one of the areas of marketing that must take a data driven approach to become more efficient. This strategy consists of creating relevant content for the audience , in Bahrain WhatsApp Number List order to attract their interest and generate more business from this approach to the brand. Therefore, it is one of the pillars of inbound marketing , which is attraction marketing. When content marketing decisions are driven by data, they make strategies much better targeted. The data provide information Bahrain WhatsApp Number List about the audience’s behavior and interests, the performance of published content, competitors’ strategies and many others. This information can then be used in evaluating the results and Bahrain WhatsApp Number List planning the content so that it becomes more relevant to the audience and meets marketing objectives.

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How does data marketing contribute to content marketing? Data marketing brings intelligence to content marketing . Instead of acting in the dark, creating content without purpose, you start to Bahrain WhatsApp Number List draw strategies oriented to the persona and focused on results. Next, you’ll better understand how data marketing contributes to content strategies. Check out: meet the audience The data helps you better know the people your content marketing strategy communicates with. You need to know Bahrain WhatsApp Number List who they are, how they live, what they like, what their challenges and motivations are, what problems they need to solve, and other characteristics. Thus, you will better understand how your content can be relevant to people . With this information in hand, you can describe the persona of your strategy, which summarizes the profile, interests, needs and Bahrain WhatsApp Number List behaviors of your ideal client.

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It is with this persona, therefore, that your content must communicate. Plan content agendas Data analysis helps to Bahrain WhatsApp Number List understand what people are looking for on the internet . Google searches reveal what users’ search intentions are and what subjects you can address in your content to meet them. In this way, the data helps define the content guidelines that you can produce, which are more likely to attract interest and Bahrain WhatsApp Number List traffic. Furthermore, if you deliver good content that answers users’ questions, you have a great chance of gaining good positions on Google. Content planning for agencies Map content channels Data analysis Bahrain WhatsApp Number List also shows which are the best channels for publishing and promoting content, such as blog ,

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