Estrada charges R$ 463,320.00 for a one-page ad on weekdays and R$ 603,408.00 on Sundays. For ½ page, the value is Venezuela Phone Number List BL 231,660 on weekdays and BL 301,704 on Sundays. For the magazine format, BL 160,380.00 is charged on weekdays and BL 208,872.00 on Sundays. And a footer ad costs R$89,100.00 on weekdays and R$116,040.00 on Sundays. It is evident that advertising in a newspaper is still Venezuela Phone Number List worthwhile. To attract customers and boost your sales, it is necessary to combine online and offline media, as both complement each other. Through the print media, the company deepens the content of the ad, makes contact with opinion leaders in its segment and uses the newspaper’s Venezuela Phone Number List credibility to its advantage. The result of this is the strengthening of the brand in the market and the increase in the customer base.

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Take the Studio trial and discover how we facilitate your contact with the media! What made Be Theme a great Venezuela Phone Number List reference among templates is, precisely, the amount of high-level features and features it presents. Whoever invests in this theme, among the more than 500 website options, can take advantage of some unique advantages. Next, see what Be Theme offers most prominently to users! Customization Venezuela Phone Number List Creating a website is a task that is directly linked to the choices that ensure that project will be fully adequate to what your company needs to show. Therefore, Be Theme is fully customization in each of the details that make up pages, menus, buttons and all the elements that complement Venezuela Phone Number List the site’s look and navigation mechanism.

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This customization is what allows the site to be suitable for blog formats, portfolios, simple institutional pages, landing pages and e-commerce. In addition to defining the type of site, through the Venezuela Phone Number List customization tools, it is possible to change elements such as: background colors; images; sources; general site layout; SO settings ; banners; sidebars and menus; insertion of social network links. Responsive Unsurprisingly, a large part of web users have mobile as their main platform for accessing websites. For convenience, occasion or choice, it is common, and this needs to be highly Venezuela Phone Number List considered when developing a website. Among its features, Be Theme is a template totally focused on offering the best possible user experience . Therefore, its entire construction is based on responsive websites, that is, which are capable of adapting functionality and Venezuela Phone Number List appearance to screens of any size — from computers to tablets and smartphones.

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