Therefore, we are going to show 3 ways to use interactive content in sales ennoblement, to gain and retain more customers, in this article. We will talk about the following points: What is interactive content? What are the Albania Phone Number List challenges in implementing sales ennoblement processes? How important is content production to the sales process? How can interactive content support sales ennoblement? Interested in improving your team’s sales processes ? So Albania Phone Number List keep reading! What is interactive content? Interactive content is a type of content that contains elements of interactivity, involving the user in order to find an answer as personal as possible, helping the persona to find a solution to their problem. The main intention of interactive content is to draw the Albania Phone Number List audience’s attention and entertain them, in addition to being closer to the audience.

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That’s because currently, with the Digital Transformation and the arrival of new applications, social networks and other native content, the dispute for Albania Phone Number List people’s full attention is big and the trend is that it becomes bigger and bigger. The number of information played on the Internet only increases, but people’s time during the day remains the same 24 hours as usual . To get an idea of ​​just how strong the war for attention is, according to a 2015 News Cred survey , Albania Phone Number List people are spending an average of just 37 seconds on blog posts, which are a type of static content. The static content is the opposite of interactive , since the communication is ready and the audience receives it passively, Albania Phone Number List unable to interact. The way out to have the audience’s full attention is then, in the engagement.

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That’s why interactive content is being used so much in marketing plans these days. And by Albania Phone Number List providing more accurate data about the behavior and way of thinking of customers, it can also be part of the sales ennoblement of companies. You may be interested in these other content How to monetize interactive content Interactive Content Types: See 5 Highly Attractive Types How to Albania Phone Number List Use Interactive Content to Shorten the Sales Cycle How to Create an Interactive Strategy: Step-by-Step Stages Understand why make interactive content for your strategy What are the challenges in implementing sales ennoblement processes? In corporate sales, the situation is not very Albania Phone Number List different. The need to find ways to establish salable and repeatable processes, helping the customer with their needs,

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