Or some sort of point to make, don’t broadcast. Sure, the occasional “Ask me anything” is fun, but you can only do it so many times before people get bored. Your audience is not Hong Kong Phone Number to entertain you, they are there to receive something of value. Having something to say and training your audience to always have something to say will produce a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more. #ProTip: Never press Transmit unless you have something valuable to say. #Periscope Hong Kong Phone Number To Tweet In-Broadcast These are all things you need to be aware of during the broadcast. give them some time When first activated, it may take a few seconds for some people to: Get notified that you’re live.

Leave whatever app they’re already in Start the periscope application Get a stable stream to finally see/hear you So one thing you can do is start your broadcast with a bit of context: small talk to let people know where you are, what you’re doing. I like to do something along the lines of: Hi everyone, it’s around 10:15 here in sunny Southern California. I’m on my fifth cup of coffee for the day and I’m connected! When you enter, let me know where you are! ” Then you can start to present your point or the reason Hong Kong Phone Number you are broadcasting. encourage sharing share a periscope transmission [HT to @Ryan_Bilello for allowing me to capture these screenshots.

After Explaining Hong Kong Phone Number

To talk about, I ask users to tap on the people icon and share with their followers if they think others will be interested. I know you think you’re so cool and Hong Kong Phone Number will Hong Kong Phone Number share without you having to ask, but it never hurts to remind people to share. And it has proven to be very effective. #ProTip: Encourage people to share, sometimes that’s all they need. click to tweet Hong Kong phone number Stay in the frame and no nostrils periscope framing template This may be a no-brainer for some, but you couldn’t just leave this out. You need to make sure that your head is in the center of the video. If you get too low, the comments will cover you and people won’t be able to see your face.

Hong Kong Phone Number

But you also want to make sure your Hong Kong Phone Number is parallel to your eyes or Hong Kong Phone Number above your line of sight. It is better to look up at the camera than for the camera to look up. Nobody wants to see that. #ProTip: Keep your camera at or above eye level. Nobody wants to look at your nose. #Periscope. click to tweet Post-transmission Resist the urge to go about your business and do a little follow-up. It can be of great help to your audience. First, get your stats save periscope transmission statistics When you finish your stream, you will be presented with stats. What I like to do is scroll them up to full view and then take a screenshot.

This Way It Hong Kong Phone Number Shows Up Right

Next to the video in my phone’s camera roll and I have a record for Hong Kong Phone Number reference. Once you’ve done that… Upload to Google Hong Kong Phone Number (or cloud storage of your choice) save periscope streams to google photos Since video takes up a lot of space on your phone, you’ll want to upload these videos to the cloud storage platform of your choice right away. I like Google Photos, but you can also use Dropbox, iCloud, or whatever else works for you. I go one step further and add both the broadcast and the screenshot I took afterwards to an album called Periscope Broadcasts. Then I can go back and see chronologically what I streamed and how my stats have improved.

Follow up with commenters tracking with periscope feedback. The Hong Kong Phone Number who engage with your streams are crucial to further growing your platform. You should treat each commenter as a valued advocate and do your best to develop an ongoing relationship with them. Take note of some of your most engaged commenters. And be sure to follow them and watch some of their live Hong Kong Phone Number. Following is a must if you really want to cultivate a community. Of people who love and share your stuff. #ProTip: Follow your commenters on #Periscope. These relationships matter! click to Hong Kong Phone Number. Schedule your replay Your Hong Kong Phone Number will be broadcast live. On Periscope for 24 hours .

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