To have fewer capabilities. Generally, it feels much less polished than the previous two. Some great features it has are: Ability to reply by email for both moderators and commenters. Reputation points and feedback voting. Blacklisted commenters. RSS comment integration. Pound for pound, this is definitely not the best option, but it’s certainly not the worst. Cons of general comment systems Despite the unique benefits of each system, I have found some disadvantages or “cons”: One more login/profile to remember and keep. People have enough logins and digital profiles to maintain. These third-party systems, for the most part, add that layer of Philippines Phone Number.

Whereas with native WordPress you only need your name , website (optional) , email address, and your comment . You decide right then and there what you want them to be and it will probably be filled in automatically the next time you visit the site. Poor (or at least disjointed) user experience. Most of these systems have little or no customization capabilities. This means that the comment system will most likely look different from the rest of your website design. One more plugin to stay updated. Anyone who has been around self-hosted WordPress for a while knows that keeping all of your plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself up to date can be a bit tricky.

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You never know if an update to one plugin is going to break another plugin. Usually more headache. Added variables signify additional potential things that can go wrong. For me, none of the benefits of these systems have outweighed the drawbacks. Social comment systems Philippines Phone Number + and Facebook comment systems There are only two major social networks that offer their own comment systems: Facebook and Google+ . It is not necessary to Philippines phone number break them both down individually, the idea is quite simple. You replace the comments on your blog with one of these commenting systems and user comments are posted on that network. Users have the option to leave a comment without sharing, but either way, all comments are displayed below your Philippines Phone Number post in a typical comment form.

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Cons of Philippines Phone Number Comment Systems Compared to general commenting systems , I have found even more disadvantages in using social commenting systems : By limiting itself to a specific network, it immediately alienates people. For example, seeing Facebook comments on a blog will instantly give Google+ enthusiasts a bad taste. Likewise, Google+ haters will see Google+ comments and probably write a fake news article about how their site is a ghost town. Similar to the above, it cuts off anyone who doesn’t have a profile on that specific network. For example, those who have left Facebook would not be able to comment on a blog that only has Facebook comments.

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Who don’t have a Philippines Phone Number + account if you use Google+ comments. Comments are owned by the social network, not by you. Since it is their system, they own the content created on that system. If the system goes down, guess what happens to the comments? You guessed it, straight into Houdini’d ! Commenters may not link to your website or blog. One of the great blog comment motivators is to gain a little exposure for your own website or blog. This is why native commenting systems usually give you the ability to add your website link to your name in your comment.

Changes to the API could cause conflicts and remove your comments. Just like when a network goes down, what happens when they change something in the API that conflicts with your website? Your entire website could be affected and it is completely out of your control. Usability and user experience (again). Because you don’t control the commenting system, you can’t relate it to your website, and you generally have little control over aspects of the design. It will look exactly how the social network wants it to look regardless of the aesthetics of your own site. That might not be a problem for most, but when it comes to responsive websites and how these systems work on Philippines Phone Number.

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