After all, transmitting confidence and understanding how the public sees the brand is essential if the objective is to gain a Namibia Email List leadership position in the market. Thus, it is possible to define the real benefits offered and how they will solve a consumer’s pain or need. Here, digital marketing and communication strategies go hand in hand, from the design of an e-commerce to the planning of social networks: all actions must be related in some Namibia Email List way, always making the company’s position and identity clear. Business Intelligence It is not new that the focus on results has been the pillar of the strategies adopted by communication agencies. In addition to the concern with the performance of their customers, communication Namibia Email List companies are more aware of the importance of measuring their own results.

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A widely used resource for analyzing information is Business Intelligence, a resource that provides for the Namibia Email List conversion of raw data into relevant information for the business. When it comes to decision making, this mechanism facilitates the collection, analysis and organization of data in order to optimize the strategic decisions of managers. In practice, BI works by collecting data from all sectors of a company, which are Namibia Email List captured and stored in a single system for further analysis. It all starts with choosing indicators. This way, you will be able to follow any changes in these numbers and implement improvements in your strategy. In specific software for communication agencies, the business intelligence reports show the ranking of the most profitable clients for your agency, the cost for each job, annual Namibia Email List and quarterly comparison, customer receipt backlogs, information related to inbound marketing, among others.

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And if you were interested in knowing more about the application of business intelligence in communication Namibia Email List agencies, we have an article that shows, in detail, how this tool can reduce costs and optimize daily activities . Check out! It does not integrate all areas of the agency With an increasingly competitive market, having a basis for strategic analysis is Namibia Email List essential to ensure better results and avoid a negative impact on the team’s productivity. Such analyzes are only possible when there is an integration of all areas of the agency, from the entry of a client to the billing of the service. Furthermore, the lack of integration is one of the main triggers for Namibia Email List misaligned communication between departments, a factor that can jeopardize customer results. Do you want to know if the software used meets these requirements?

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