The word of the day. That’s one I like myself, although it can also be very distracting. Each participant gives another participant a word of the day. This must be used by the participant in the meeting. But others may not notice that that is the word of the day. You get a point if you succeed or a point for those who catch on. Messy wallpapers and cats generate confidence Some time ago , the BBC podcast The Digital Human discussed trust between people in an online world .

Involve everyone

We miss the richness of non-verbal Panama WhatsApp Number List communication, especially when it comes to getting to know each other better. This can be difficult in the type of conversations where trust is important. In the podcast, experts explain that the more virtual your presentation is, the less easy it is  build a relationship . You may not want to distract others with a very colorful background. And that’s why even the camera prefers to turn off.


Panama WhatsApp Number List
Panama WhatsApp Number List


But don’t put anyone

But it might still be an idea to swap the sterile virtual background and tidy room for a cozy, cluttered background and passing roommates and pets. Video call with cat 7 practical tips for online meetings & training courses Online discussions have their own fatigue. The focus on a screen, the gaze constantly on a few centimetres, long sitting. You can read some tips for more breaks in an earlier article . But you can also reduce the tax in an online meeting.

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