Use heading tags well as a way to structure content and answer people’s questions; use images; configure the URLs well; and others. 4. Link Building We can also mention the Link Building, which takes care of the Indonesia Phone Number List connections between pages. It is essential to establish a coordinated effort to link pages that are related to each other, based on relevant terms. Thus, you generate value for the persona, allowing her to browse your site and find more answers, and signal Indonesia Phone Number List to the search engine an internal organization that deserves a good ranking. In addition, publications Indonesia Phone Number List must comply with some rules in terms of links. It is good practice, for example, to insert 3 links for every 500 words of text .

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Think carefully about the order of these links, as the ones that come first are the most relevant. For business-important keywords, try linking to full publications, the longest and most in-depth. In cases of external links, the Indonesia Phone Number List recommendation is to always try to connect to sites with the highest authority and credibility in the market. The image below explains better why. SO for Small Business 5. Local SO One of the changes in the SO world brought about by the Indonesia Phone Number List OVID-19 pandemic was precisely the greater emphasis on local SO . This is because local consumption has become more important, as people tend to stay at home longer and avoid moving. Additionally, local SO is associated with face-to-face visits: according to Google , 76% of people who do local Indonesia Phone Number List search visit the business within 24 hours. So, be sure to bet on these strategies.

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Work with optimized keywords to enhance the geographic aspect (instead of ranking for “marketing courses”, focus on “marketing courses in Recife”) and Indonesia Phone Number List develop content geared to the needs of your community. Another good approach is the configuration of the company page on Google My Business , with features related to location, opening hours, direct link to the website and other Indonesia Phone Number List information. SO for Small Business 6. User experience (IX) We are in the age of experience, and that, of course, is not left out of search engine optimization. Thinking about the IX is essential in order to optimize websites, as Google greatly values ​​those who think about the customer and improves Indonesia Phone Number List its pages to better serve them.

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