Qualification This should be the second step. Understand everything about the customer’s universe. We even said that it must be a 360º consultancy. It’s important to understand where you are  Cyprus Email List  today and where you want to go. What they already do to get where they want to go. What marketing tools already use. Who are your customers. What are your goals. A good way to discover all these answers is to use the PCT methodology . In it you Cyprus Email List must discover the goals (goals), planning, challenges (challenges) and desired time to see results. We must always remember that the customer rarely knows what he needs. He knows what hurts him and most of the time it’s not a matter of marketing, it’s selling more, increasing revenue, engaging Cyprus Email List your customers, etc. These are business goals and not marketing goals.

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But wait there. Am I a marketing agency? How am I going to talk about business? Marketing must be increasingly linked to the business. Show the OI (return on investment). There is no more Cyprus Email List marketing for marketing. Everything must be connected to the business. Having commercial arms that understand the business is very important. A person who understands business modeling, who listens to the issues and knows how to connect this with the marketing services offered by your agency. The Cyprus Email List questions asked at this stage should serve to assemble the proposal, that is, the design of what will be presented. A new website? Social networks? Content Marketing? Inbound? You will only be able to know what services to offer if you understand the context. What is the value of the proposals I must Cyprus Email List submit? You must also get this confirmation in this step.

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How much did the customer plan? How much is healthy? It doesn’t mean you can’t make a bigger proposal if it shows its real value. And not even a minor one, if what the customer needs is in fact simpler Cyprus Email List and cheaper. You must be totally transparent with it. How long do we need to show results? Who will be our point of contact? Who is the project sponsor internally? Who is the decision maker? Ask all this. Now is the time. Proposal submission After listening to everything your client has to say, it’s time to put together a Cyprus Email List suitable proposal that will help you solve their problem. Many agencies like to present a per-designed project. It’s cool but not necessary. More than anything, it’s time to show your customer value. Always Cyprus Email List connecting what he said with what you are offering.

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