Product Placement is a strategy based on the natural introduction of brands, and their products, in entertainment Seychelles Email List content, such as: movies, series, games, magazines and more, promoting them while generating a bond of trust with your public. Ana Julia Ramos December 12, 18 | Reading: min Product Placement Have you ever heard of the term “product placement”? If the answer is no, I can rephrase my question: has it ever Seychelles Email List happened that, in the middle of a series or movie, you identify a specific product in the scene and think “wow, is that really an iPhone?” or any other real brand? The strategy of investing in advertising smoothly is not new, but it has been gaining even more popularity as traditional ads have Seychelles Email List lost steam and no longer generate as much engagement as in the past.

What Is Product Placement

I invite you to discover everything about the product placement universe and understand once and for all why the strategy can be so effective! How has the public’s relationship with Seychelles Email List commercials evolved over the years? Before conceptualizing the word, let’s give some thought to commercials, their glory years and the not-so-glorious ones. In the golden years of television, getting together with the family to watch a program Seychelles Email List was practically an event . Even with radio and print media , nothing came close to the possibility of consuming information with one’s own eyes, in a dynamic and attractive way. Let’s go a little forward in time. In the mid-2000s, just before the internet and its adjacent technologies (such as streaming platforms ) underwent the entire explosion process experienced in Seychelles Email List recent years, the best way to watch a series or movie.

Seychelles Email List

In the midst of all this, there were advertisements . Running away from them was practically an impossible task and, Seychelles Email List between one block and another, even if you “zap” between the channels, you would probably come across several advertisements for products or services. Decreasing tolerance to traditional advertising Time passed, the way of consuming information changed and, little by little, the power of television advertising Seychelles Email List lost strength. Together with the development of smartphones and other digital transformation technologies , internet access contributed to an increasingly restless behavior in relation to advertisements: a spirit of “zero tolerance” was born there. Did the advertising start? Just turn on your Seychelles Email List cell phone and use Facebook between commercials. In other cases,

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