In marketing, it is important to make sure your intended clientele Azerbaijan Phone Number List List know which of their problems your product or service is going to solve. Too often in marketing, companies are scrupulous about listing all of their product’s incredible features, but then they rely on the potential customer to build the bridge in their own mind as to which of their problems that feature is going to solve.

If they will only buy your product or service once or if they will be regular customers

Your marketing materials should build that bridge for them. In other words, Product, Feature, Benefit; “Our product is ‘A,’ therefore you should enjoy ‘B.’” Along these same lines, it may not be enough to share with someone how your product has solved a similar problem in a different market – they want to know how your product is going to solve their problem in their market.

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Key Partners

This situation is where vertical specific marketing material is hugely beneficial. Hooking Your Fish 6. Does It Evoke the Desired Emotion? We have all heard the saying that “People buy emotionally and defend their decisions logically”. Well, it’s true, and if your marketing doesn’t stir any emotion, most of those large fish are going to get away.