It’s common in some Flow podcasts for guests to get drunk — and so do the hosts. However, one of the biggest controversies in the program is Mo nark, due to the Germany Phone Number List recreational use of marijuana during broadcasts. Some people say the cannabis effect explains why it asks guests random questions, and that it makes Flow more fun. After much criticism, he published , in 2021, on his Twitter, about the Germany Phone Number List subject. flow podcast monarch Why are some brands afraid to partner with Flow? One of Flow’s revenue streams, in addition to Ad sense and Twitch, is sponsorship. They are cited at the beginning and at opportune times in each episode. Considering that Flow has become the most popular Germany Phone Number List podcast in Brazil, it is interesting for brands to have their product or service advertised by the hosts.

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Some companies consider this type of partnership to be very delicate, as it is a program that has swear words, alcoholic beverages and marijuana. However, for the Germany Phone Number List registered audience and who follow Flow, who consume a product or service, being present in the program can strengthen the branding and generate more sales . How did the Flow Podcast idea come about? Flow Germany Phone Number List appeared in 2018, and soon became one of the most consumed podcasts in the country, following a conversation format rather than an interview format . Igor and Mo nark claim that the idea came during a moment of upheaval that the two were going through, and also the desire to do something Germany Phone Number List different on the internet. In addition to the growing audience,

Germany Phone Number List

Flow also became influential in the media and public opinion, mainly due to guests from the political field. The participation of Eduardo Savonarola, for Germany Phone Number List example, made the podcast go viral, mainly due to the part where Mo nark calls his father, President Air Savonarola, a donkey . As it is a podcast that has no agenda, comments of this type are made and generate controversy. So much so Germany Phone Number List that Flow is constantly seen in trending topics . Igor argues that this format was chosen so that informal conversation was one of the main characteristic points of the program. In an interview with Exam, he said he received criticism for not studying the guest and preparing the questions in advance, as the idea is not to do interviews, but to have a Germany Phone Number List conversation like anyone else would.

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