We are programmed to look forward to these achievements. It’s as if the generation of marketing value depended Namibia WhatsApp Number List directly on them. In the race to be as agile as possible, the marketer forgets the need to be strategic. It doesn’t matter if the letter of the generation is X, Y or Z: we can all take this misstep. Of course, there’s no way to ignore the need to respond quickly to what’s happening around us, but making decisions quickly is Namibia WhatsApp Number List different from making decisions on impulse. The responses of some companies to the Ovid-19 crisis are a recent example of this. Caught by surprise, all professionals had to think of new actions — almost literally, overnight. In this case, fear and insecurity were complicating Namibia WhatsApp Number List factors that made it difficult to reach any verdict.

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In the mental and social pandemonium that ensued, those people who did not give up research and reflection Namibia WhatsApp Number List before doing anything suffered less. Accelerating the transformation of a business model is much more impact than whether or not to adopt a new app within a digital marketing strategy, but, given the proper proportions, the two require the same: critical thinking. Marketing is not understood as a science, but Namibia WhatsApp Number List that doesn’t mean we can run away from methods. Far from getting stuck, methodologies show possible paths, they are a way of working ideas in search of a certain result and, regardless of what their movements will be, we must identify the problem, think of solutions, test them Namibia WhatsApp Number List and analyze them. This is nothing new. We don’t need to reinvent any wheels.

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However, we quickly dismiss these steps when a brilliant and disruptive technology looms on the horizon. The novelties Namibia WhatsApp Number List give shape and strength to Marketing, it is true, but they are also deceiving, harmful and require care at the first thought of full implementation. The eagerness to stand out with the latest trend can’t override reflection on your own work. In an interview with Rafael Pres, Market Developer at the Namibia WhatsApp Number List IOTA Foundation, the third generation of Block chain will allow us to advance in the collaborative economy Mauro Silva December 2, 19 | Reading: minim With IOTA, we will live in an MAM (Machine as a Service) world The Industry 4.0 is still hazy for many people and the Namibia WhatsApp Number List technological capabilities that are already developed yet are far from the general public.

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