There is life after the meeting Often a lot has to be done in a meeting. This easily leads to an overfull agenda, too full slides and a question round that runs out. But not everything has to be solved in the discussion. In fact, less is more! Promise participants a handout afterwards with those things that do not fit in the discussion, but are interesting.

We offer a helping hand and look more consciously at everything Azerbaijan Phone Number List that happens around us with people, the environment and society. The corona crisis is changing the way we work. Of course we are not even at the end of the beginning, as Prime Minister Rutte Azerbaijan Phone Number List put it. Apart from the terrible virus, which unfortunately will continue to Portugal WhatsApp Number List make many victims, an economic recession is also imminent. But together we can get there in a purposeful way. I would like to share five examples. 1. Never Waste ‘Never waste’ sounds like the adage of a thrift store or recycling company. The complete legendary statement of Winston Churchill (‘Never waste a good crisis’), however, has been heard whispered mainly by wealthy companies in recent days.


Work methods to make

So give some more details in the presentation, source references or questions that were not answered in the session. It’s a bit more work for you, but it does provide some relief during the session. Hopefully these tips will help you. Do you have other tips, questions or do you want to share your experiences with online collaboration? Let us know in the comments!

Portugal whatsapp number list
Portugal whatsapp number list

Meetings more personal

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