Budgets have been put in place. The key to delivering value lies in understanding what problems, needs and wants can and should be solved and fulfilled. In case you are launching your product right now, don’t forget about the market research process . Launching your own product is a high risk bet. You are investing a lot of time and resources, but you don’t know if your idea is going to produce the expected results. It is widely known that most product launches in today’s market tend to fail. Here’s why! Market research can be anything from collecting survey responses, talking directly to potential customers, or looking at other big brands in the market. Without proper market research, you will hit the road blindfolded. Impossible destiny! 2. You are targeting the wrong audience.

You can do your market research well, you can have a great product, and you can have the drive to take action and progress. However, you may still not be able to launch your product successfully because you are making a serious mistake: you chose the wrong audience to promote your product. Who are you addressing? Do you have a very specific description of your target character? In case you don’t, I advise you to create one before spending more than your budget. Ok, but the problem is… how do you know the right target audience and person ? This is an answer that only you can crack. You understand the concept of your product better than anyone. Now, it remains for you, too, to recognize the right type of customer.

Many Product Launches Fail Not

Because their value isn’t amazing, but because the company fails to properly market the product to the right target audience . Start testing your audience a few more times. Are they really the ones you should be selling to? 3. Price too high or too low Many new businesses fail because they price their products too high or too low. The price is an essential factor of a marketing strategy, since it is Singapore business fax list  the only element that generates income. Many companies believe that because they are new to the market, they must undervalue their product to get attention. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG However, this frequently used strategy comes with many problems.


In many cases, if the product is cheap, the customer will believe that it also lacks quality. Otherwise, how would it sell for pennies compared to competing products? The opposite alternative does not come without drawbacks. If the low price of the products leaves money on the table and damages the reputation of the brand, the excessive price can also lead to unsatisfactory results. Overpricing and underpricing are two results caused by entrepreneurs failing to understand the value they provide with their products. If you want to price your products the right way, you need to carefully assess how much value you’re delivering. Set prices according to the influence of your product in the life of your customer. Does it work miracles? Or could the problem it solves be solved cheaper and in other ways?

Ask Yourself Lots

Of questions and test the price of your product more than once. Delayed product development and launch Not launching your product on time could have a negative impact and could reduce your chances of business success. By the time you implement the plan, your customers’ needs and problems may already be different from what you found when you researched your market. Let’s say you’re a huge fitness guru who builds an amazing social media presence before the actual product launch. You capture the attention of your followers by delivering excellent content. In addition, you show the results of your future product on yourself, a strategy that will improve the reputation and trust of your brand. However, it has already announced the release date of its “ultimate product” and the time has come.

Since his followers already expect the product to be ready to use, it will hurt his startup launch a lot if he can’t deliver it. That is where many companies fail. They pre-sell the product so well, they just can’t deliver it on time. In addition to the reputation being damaged, you could also “miss the boat” as market needs change or a competitor’s product has already taken the lead. 5. Incorrect positioning in the market Successful new products are influenced by many factors. One of them is the brand positioning strategy . Every time you enter a new market, you need to find your unique value proposition and focus on showing it as often as possible. Your unique value proposition is what makes you different from the competition. If your product is original and unique, the positioning of your brand in the market must be strongly influenced.

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