The hashtag was number 1 in Trend Topics and got about 2 million views. 2. O Boticário and the beauty that transforms The beauty products brand O Boticário Bermuda Email Lists organized an action in Rio DE Janine, producing an exciting video to be published on the internet. The brand joined the Pacifying Police Unit (PUP) for a somewhat daring action. A ball was organized for several girls who were turning 15, who lived in Moro DA Provincial. All birthdays were received at the Bermuda Email Lists National Historical Museum to receive a kit with beauty products, in addition to being made up by professionals. The documentary called “Beauty that transforms” shows the difficult reality faced by residents, showing the importance of girls feeling valued, even when the world doesn’t seem to care. 3. Volvo and Bermuda Email Lists the confidence in its vehicles Swedish Volvo also worked very well on this strategy.

The goals of a content marketing strategy

In one of its many actions, the brand invited actor Jean-Claude Van Dame, famous for his action films, to show that his trucks had one of the safest driving Bermuda Email Lists directions on the market. The video, which was shared on social media in 2013, shows the actor doing a split—complete opening his legs to the ground—while two trucks passed by his side, at an extremely short distance. The result was a video that hit 90 million Bermuda Email Lists views and a scene that could have been from a hit movie. The result was the reinforcement of information that Volvo has one of the safest trucks on the market, which is excellent for the company’s image and sales. Tips for Effective Branded Content As with any other strategy related to the Bermuda Email Lists marketing world, there is no magic formula for producing content aimed at branding .

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Examples of Successful Content Marketing

However, there are some issues that need to be remembered to ensure good results: Always think of the essence behind the product Understand the difficulties Bermuda Email Lists and needs of the audience Create an empathetic relationship Working with mental triggers Find the brand or product differential be creative and innovative Content marketing and a focus on customer experience Unlike a good Branded Content Bermuda Email Lists strategy, Content Marketing produces material that will not always be directly linked to the company’s image. The proposal here is completely different, despite maintaining the focus on the relationship with the public and on disclosing the brand in a subjective way. ​This production is focused on solving a consumer’s problems, who do not need to Bermuda Email Lists know the brand to get to it as a solution to something that is going on.

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