It assumes the existence of a list, with the contact details of several companies. It doesn’t matter if they are big or not, what segment they are from, or if they Croatia Email List are in need of your product or service. You can and should filter out what is and isn’t interesting to you. Certainly your agency has more expertise to serve one type of client at the expense of others. Ex: our agency has a lot of knowledge to serve clinics Croatia Email List and hospitals and our success stories are in the health area. Why am I going to venture into a shopping mall? The pains and actions must be different. Returning to the subject of outbound, your agency must have, ready to present, a portfolio with Croatia Email List actions and pieces already developed by you, to delight the client you are calling. Be prepared to deal with the objection

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Why should I have a meeting with yours?” Remember to highlight points such as price and quality, but as everyone will say this, be sure to mention that, unlike Croatia Email List others, you will listen to their needs and suggest an action plan aimed exclusively at their pain. Recommendation A third model is working with referrals . Referrals are very hot leads, as they actually arrive at your agency knowing the work you’ve done for Croatia Email List another client. But make it clear that each project is unique and that you must understand what it needs and what your budget is, and then design something unique for it. And how to sell? Inside sales or field sales? Again it depends on the agency. Inside sales It is selling indoors. It doesn’t lose anything to Croatia Email List face-to-face selling, but this process is done remotely, often via Skype or Hangouts.

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Allows sale without location restrictions. It also allows for a much more flexible schedule. field sales It is the famous field sale. Go to the client and have as many Croatia Email List meetings as necessary. It used to be the only accepted model, but that is changing. Shake hands with the customer and show them live who you are. My suggestion: start with an inside sale and if it goes to the next step, go to the customer if Croatia Email List necessary. Before implementing any commercial process in an agency hire the right people It is of utmost importance that you identify what skills are needed to be a commercial agent at your agency. In other words, choose the best sales model (inside or outside, inbound or outbound) and hire someone Croatia Email List with the necessary characteristics.

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