Over the 20th century, it became a very efficient Marketing strategy, especially with the arrival of television, allowing an even Australia WhatsApp Number List greater impact on consumers. Despite having won the “competition” of more targeted strategies, many companies are still betting on Mass Marketing to attract new customers . The method is the same: through popular communication channels, the objective is to promote a brand, Australia WhatsApp Number List product or service without distinguishing the public and attracting the attention of a large audience . Usually, this strategy is adopted by unknown companies that want to enter a market or to launch a new product. The strategy behind this concept is to generate brand value through exposure to the Australia WhatsApp Number List largest possible group of potential customers.

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The idea of ​​valuing the consumer’s experience , meeting their demands and creating ads that catch their attention Australia WhatsApp Number List precisely because of rationalization is left aside. Going against the practices in the era of digital transformation, Mass Marketing aims to change user behavior from its impact ads, but the results are not easily measurable. So when you adopt this strategy, the effectiveness of your campaigns like OI or Australia WhatsApp Number List click through rate doesn’t matter as much. Mass Marketing therefore has the following characteristics: focuses on impacting a large group of consumers; uses the most popular communication channels to advertise; get some return for impacting a large number of individuals; it is generally Australia WhatsApp Number Listused for companies entering the market, introducing new products or for basic need items.

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What are the best known techniques of this strategy? Despite not focusing on a specific audience and betting Australia WhatsApp Number List on the generalization of their ads and campaigns, some techniques stand out within Mass Marketing. Shotgun approach The idea of ​​the Shotgun approach is to attract the greatest number of eyes to your brand , regardless of who the users are, not performing any type of segmentation . In Australia WhatsApp Number List  other words, unlike a rifle which counts a sight in search of greater precision the shotgun (shotgun) does not have a specific target. The message transmitted must be as generic as possible, so that it can convey the same idea to the different users to be impacted. In most cases, the Australia WhatsApp Number List Shotgun Approach is applied to the most popular communication channels radio, television and the Internet in search of more customers through an unsegmented message.

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