Selling, whether you do it right or wrong, requires an investment of time, money and effort. What resources do you have to do it?

And when we talk about resources we are referring to 4 in particular: time, money, people and tools.

Time : even when you do it yourself, all the tasks


that must be started from the early stages of prospecting and market research, to customer loyalty and development of business relationships with each one of them, you are talking about a significant investment of time. You got it?
People : do you have the necessary human team to start the sales work? You don’t have a team and you plan to dedicate yourself to it? Do you have the necessary knowledge to do a good job?
Money : after looking at the subject of people, let’s talk about money. There is a false illusion that, since today we have “free” digital tools at our disposal, selling does not cost anything, and it is not true. Because yes, we are going to assume that the tools are free, okay. We accept it. And the time you have to invest in them, if you are going to do the work yourself, to take advantage of them? What economic value does that time have? And if you have to hire a person to do it, how much is that person’s time worth?
Tools : here if you have to choose what you want. Tools available there are many… many. Which one is the most convenient for you? Do you have everything you need to make commercial visits? Type web page, stationery, brochures, business cards, etc, etc.?
And with this analysis of the resources you have available in terms of time, money, people and tools, I Engineering Directors Email Lists want to take you to a place that will be extremely productive for you: put your expectations in line.

Because one thing is to say “I want to sell a lot”

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and another thing, completely different, is to have all the necessary resources to be able to do it well and have the results you expect.

So “Those results you expect” have to be adjusted to the resources you have available and your knowledge of the things you have to do before, during and after each commercial transaction with a client.

While you are so extremely busy, who is selling?
Your business grows and develops when you sell enough to do so. Each step forward, each centimeter of growth brings an associated increase in the costs of your company , whether it is hiring new people, acquiring new equipment, hiring necessary tools.

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