Generally, in more complex and large projects, there are coordinators or even team leaders who work in the management of the teams and also carry out their tasks, but they are not considered directly responsible for the Timor-Leste Email List delivery. In another scenario, the manager could also be the one who validates the task, but the final approval is the responsibility of a professional who is part of the client’s team. B (Backup) It concerns the professional who will replace the Timor-Leste Email List person responsible for a task in case something unforeseen happens. Basically, we can say that the backup is taken as a background. If the person responsible for commanding the task is absent from work, there will be a need to Timor-Leste Email List advance some other deliverable, delay tasks or even fail to make up the project team.

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Thus, the substitute will be prepared to assume their responsibilities. However, it is critical to be very careful when flagging an activity that Timor-Leste Email List has a clear substitute. That’s because its use can end up weakening the sense of responsibility credited to the first professional. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize to the person in charge that the substitute will only be activated as a last Timor-Leste Email List resort. N (Notify) Employees who are marked with the letter ”I” must be informed about deliveries and tasks that directly impact their daily lives or activities that are Timor-Leste Email List of interest to them. However, there are those that should only be notified of the completion of a task.

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For example, a developer has to be notified that another professional has completed an activity to start a task that is related to the previous one. Or a Timor-Leste Email List department must be communicated about new functionality in a system, even if this does not directly affect its activities. The separation of these two attributions helps the manager to demonstrate to the teams the importance of obtaining Timor-Leste Email List information for each group of employees. Keep in mind that the team to be informed is directly impacted through the delivery made by the person responsible. While the professionals to be informed, at some point, they will discover the change, even if they are not notified at that time. In the first situation, there is an obligation to transmit information related to the Timor-Leste Email List project, otherwise someone’s work may end up hampered and ended with errors.

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