Web surfers who get to the content and recognize its relevance will quickly become brand promoters; Increases the conversion of potential customers: Imagine a Cambodia Email List running fanatic who finds a blog full of sports practice tips, clothing and sneaker tips and indications to improve his performance. If this blog is from an e-commerce that offers these products, the visitor will easily be transformed into a Cambodia Email List customer. In other words, a significant increase in the company’s sales. The objective will depend on the company’s needs and, of course, it is possible to combine more than one of them to maximize positive results. It is important to remember that, according to the brand’s needs, the chosen objective Cambodia Email List should guide the production characteristics and performance metrics to be monitored. Examples of Successful Content Marketing.

What brought back the newsletter

Hellman’s helps you cook Going far beyond producing a blog with recipes and cooking tips, Hellman’s decided to innovate. The brand teamed up with the Cambodia Email List  supermarket chain St. March, in the city of So Pauli, showing that it is possible to retain consumers using content. The proposal consisted of the following: if the customer left the supermarket with only a jar of mayonnaise from the brand, he would receive Cambodia Email List any recipe to show how the product could be used. But the most amazing part of the entire strategy is that if the customer bought other food products, such as bread or chicken, the brand would send a recipe in which the mayonnaise was used with the remaining goods in the cart, making the Cambodia Email List shopping experience even easier.

Cambodia Email List

The new logic of content consumption

consumer in the kitchen and showing different ways to use Hellman’s pot. This is an example of Content Marketing that aims at engagement and loyalty, since the consumer already knows and buys the brand’s products. 2. Patagonia Cambodia Email List and the natural way of life Sportswear brand Patagonia is an excellent example of a brand that produces Content Marketing across different channels. Its audience is made up of a group of people interested in adventure Cambodia Email List and nature, as it sells clothing and accessories for the practice of sports in the most diverse environments. The company uses this strategy long before it became a trend. The brand’s blog was launched in 2005, exploring themes related to environmental issues and, later, tips on practicing sports. The engagement of Cambodia Email List the public was the result achieved,

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