We know that one of the biggest and main problems for an agency is the commercial arm, which China Email List most do not yet have. Some agencies are born with the idea of ​​some friends getting together and starting to serve some clients of the family and group of friends. The agency is growing, the work volume too, and quickly the partners, previously responsible for this commercial part, now need to be the customer service, account China Email List manager, designer , finance and even HR. If that description sounds like your agency, or even if your agency is large and structured, you’ll agree with me that we often leave the commercial aside. It’s not that we stop selling, but we sell with a weak or non-existent process . We sell to those who are close to China Email List us, to whom we were nominated

Business Process Models

In other words, we have not structured a strong and predictable commercial process. Without a business model, financial inputs may not be predictable. As well? Well, if I know that this month I’m serving X clients and China Email List billing Y, but I don’t know how many new clients will come in next month or how much they’ll pay me, I can go bankrupt because I don’t even know what comes in and what goes out of the agency. But China Email List what is the best sales model for my agency? Business Process Models Choosing the best model may vary from agency to agency, as well as will vary when talking about any company. Let’s see the most used: inbound To be more specific, Inbound is a China Email List marketing and sales methodology , which presupposes the definition of a persona and a sales funnel linked to content marketing .

China Email List

This template generates some digital baits that will result in leads . Leads, those people who represent sales opportunities for your agency, have already expressed their pain and goals, some are already looking for China Email List alternatives and others even know you. It depends on what stage of the buying journey you are at. Your sales team can contact these leads to help with education and to, through a consultative process, identify how your agency can help and sell to them. In other China Email List words, if your agency works with digital marketing , you must create content about it. On the importance of digital marketing, “how to sell more with digital marketing” and always looking for your persona to make more targeted content China Email List such as “Marketing for industries”, “how to sell more in your e-commerce”, “how marketing can help to get your exits out of the hole”, etc.

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