After presenting the benefits to the person in this more everyday language, we get into more specific points about the technology that they will eventually need to know to be part of this Senegal WhatsApp Number List ecosystem. From there, she is prepared for any discussion and also to participate in events that go deeper into the topic. For all this to happen, the gateway is Content Marketing. In the communication team we have specialists in Senegal WhatsApp Number List social media, public relations, specialists in creativity and art. These specialized people develop and work in their respective fields, including analyzing how best to interact with specific audiences. On the foundation’s website there are several articles published by the technology’s Senegal WhatsApp Number List founder. How do you see this approach between academia and Content Marketing, since these worlds often don’t come together?

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This is an interesting question to be analyzed, because normally the academy is more willing to access more academic articles and Content Marketing often does not reach this audience. I am totally Senegal WhatsApp Number List in favor of creating an integration between these two parts, especially here in Brazil, because there are already initiatives like this abroad. What happens today is academia on the one hand and the application of technology in Senegal WhatsApp Number List  the market on the other. In other countries, companies themselves invest in research within the academy to provide solutions for them. The path I see is to increasingly integrate these spaces through Senegal WhatsApp Number List public or private initiatives. Integrate academia and the market.

Senegal WhatsApp Number List

I believe that this can bring greater engagement from the academic segment to read content about the application of that technology in the market and people in the market have more adhesion to Senegal WhatsApp Number List academic material. How does the IOTA Foundation stand on this issue? We have an initiative focused on digitizing Industry 4.0, which is when Business to Business (BOB) tends to become a Machine to Machine (MM), where the machines themselves will interrelate, negotiate and market services and goods. In this context, the IOTA Foundation, as a non-profit foundation, is Senegal WhatsApp Number List interested in fostering an ecosystem for this development, so that we can all evolve in it. We are at a moment of invitation. Inviting academia, associations, institutions that standardize processes and protocols, as well as industries and the supply chain to join us in developing this Senegal WhatsApp Number List model. Email is a versatile communication channel.

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