Many companies, such as Google, are already betting in this direction for the future of communication between companies and consumers. What is Norfolk Island Email List Facebook Video As we already mentioned, Facebook Video is the functionality that allows you to add video files directly to Facebook, without the need to use links to other sites like YouTube and Vireo. The launch of this tool was accompanied by a change in the Norfolk Island Email List Timeline mechanisms that favored videos added directly to the platform. In this way, Facebook Video appears more often to users than videos from external websites. In a study by Wolfgang Digital , Facebook videos were shared 4 more than YouTube videos. Also, on Facebook, videos have a reach 5 times greater than photos. Facebook Video Features Norfolk Island Email List The Facebook video platform may not be new to you anymore, as it was launched almost 2 years ago.

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Despite looking like a video player like YouTube, it has features peculiar to Facebook, which were created in order to generate even more engagement among Norfolk Island Email List users of this social network. Have you ever noticed that Facebook videos start playing automatically as soon as you scroll through them in your timeline? According to data from Facebook, this feature made users discover more content and interact Norfolk Island Email List more with this format. As with all Facebook tools, video metrics can be easily accessed by marketers working with campaigns in this format, and are essential for evaluating the success of this strategy. Likes, Comments and Views are Norfolk Island Email List public metrics that can be seen by any user watching the video.

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However, some other more powerful numbers are only available to those who posted the video, such as unique views, average viewing time, and audience Norfolk Island Email List retention (which parts of the video are being watched the most or generating the most drop-outs). Why use Facebook Video in your Marketing Strategy If your company already has a fan page on Facebook, you need to bet on video content. A well-executed Norfolk Island Email List strategy can help your brand tell stories in a creative and unique way. Videos are a great opportunity to generate an emotional connection between you and your consumers, whether through greater awareness of your Norfolk Island Email List brand, launching a new product or even a campaign generated by the consumers themselves.

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