Because of this, some conversations are neutral, others more fun, and some generate moments of tension between hosts and guests. An unforgettable moment occurred when Gabriela Prior and Mo nark discussed giving Greece Phone Number List opinions with or without the use of data. How did Flow become a podcast phenomenon in Brazil? Even though this format has been in existence for over 15 years, we Greece Phone Number List had a significant growth in podcasts in Brazil, in 2019 and 2020, due to the distance caused by the pandemic. Thus, a media format that was still inched became more popular. This increased the podcast menu and placed public figures, who were already known, and newcomers side by side. Spottily, for Greece Phone Number List example, has 1.9 million podcasts on the platform and noted a 200% growth in consumption of this type of media at the end of 2020,

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in addition to attracting new subscribers interested solely in listening to podcasts. What was the difference of Flow Podcast? Flow managed to stand out Greece Phone Number List in this red ocean of podcasts, not only for having appeared a year before this “boom” with a different proposal, but also for the influence of its hosts. After all, Igor and Mo nark already had a consolidated base of followers due to their previous Greece Phone Number List work, which brought a great advantage to the channel since its launch. However, three points must also be highlighted for its success: strategy, investment and cuts . In the first programs, one of the strategic biases was to invite other you tubers to participate in the recording. As with a guest Greece Phone Number List post , this ended up attracting the audience of the guest channel and vice versa.

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Investment in equipment also contributed to Flow’s growth and stand out. The difference between the material used in the Veteran chat and the most recent Greece Phone Number List videos on the channel is highly noticeable . Finally, cuts were also essential in making Flow popular. Not everyone is interested in seeing the entire podcast, as it has an average duration of two hours (although some reach almost five hours), and they end up opting for the cuts. While it has become a common practice Greece Phone Number List  for other podcasts to allow cut channels to be created and use excerpts from episodes, Flow was one of the first to bring this possibility. The tactic worked so well Greece Phone Number List that, today, some people live off the income generated by monetizing their YouTube channels .

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