This synchronization allows you to know exactly which of your campaigns. Ad groups and keywords convert better and which ones help you achieve objectives more effectively. This information and its comparison will help you improve the profitability of your Marketing campaigns. You can also create custom segments for your audience. You have more information here: How to improve Google Ads campaigns with Google Analytics. Synchronize your Google Analytics and Google Adwords accounts to calculate the ROI of your campaigns.

8. Google Analytics and SMO: reports of your campaigns on Social Sri-Lanka Phone Number List
In the Google Analytics Acquisition panel. You will be able to see the reports and monitor and compare your campaigns on Social Networks. Your referred traffic , the users who arrived through aggregators. Applications and through organic search in the search engine. Of Google. You can expand this report if you make use of the secondary dimensions.

Using Secondary Dimensions in Reports

If you make use of the secondary dimensions and look at your reports in detail. You will be able to see one by one which of your main social channels brings more traffic to your website. And which ones help you meet your different objectives. You will be able to analyze, for example. If your Social Media Marketing Plan is working well and which of the channels is the most effective. Depending on the period of time in which you do the search.


For every company and for every Community Manager, this is vital information, which will help you find the most suitable channel for your audience and improve the strategic dissemination of your content through Social Networks. Group channels in Google Analytics. Channel grouping in Google Analytics can help you improve the results of your reports. By default, the tool presents you with some channels, but you can customize and order them according to your campaigns.

Google Analytics: Behavior Flows

The specific data of these channels will help you to better understand the sources of traffic and the conversion of them. You can create channel groupings in the Acquisition section, in your multi-channel funnels and even in your channels for paid traffic, both for Google Adwords, as well as for other paid channels that you can create and manage manually. The correct grouping of your channels can help you improve the monitoring of the KPIs of your campaigns.

Another of the great advantages of implementing Google Analytics for your website is that with it you will be able to see in detail the behavior of your audience within your website . Not only how many people arrive, but once inside your page, which pages they visit, as well as the interconnection between subdomains. In other words, you will be able to see and compare in your reports not only the journey they take within your website, but also what content helps you convert your goals . For example, analyze their behavior and lower the bounce rate, if your visitors browse other pages of your website, or create a call to action so that they go to the registration form and subscribe.

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