IN order for your social media strategy to be successful. Words are not enough. Clients are not online to search for company websites. They are online to find out the quickest way to get the answers the seek. The services they need, and get what they are looking for. So, some clients look for articles, others for video tips, yet others (and this is the most neglected client getting method) – look for pitutes that are worth a thousand words. So, one piece of content can re re-purposed for many different social media channels.

Social Media Marketing – Outsourcing

Big mistake is to write one piece of content Spain WhatsApp Number List have it all over the internet with exactly the same words and exactly the same messages. Why? If your clients is on Facebook, they are on twitter and on YouTube. If they are seeing exactly the same information everywhere, you are not that interesting. But, if YouTube is for distributing X piece of information, then iTunes can be for distributing Y piece of information and blogtalkshow for Z piece of information. Once the blog articles are finished it should be fairly easy to quickly truncate the text for the newsletter and then provide links from the newsletter stories to the full blog articles.


Spain WhatsApp Number List
Spain WhatsApp Number List

Social Media Marketing for Chiropractors?

The content needs to be built on your experiences and know-how, allowing you to share your knowledge, tips, viewpoints and opinions in an interesting and personal way.Try to keep the blog content to about 350-450 words – most people have a limited attention span these days (I blame the Internet). Short paras and bulleted text also helps to keep the readers reading as will relevant imagery (especially infographics, graphs and charts). And remember to use the less formal but far friendlier ‘active voice’ when writing. In other words, write like you speak.

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