That content production is a necessity within a brand’s digital marketing strategy , you already know, don’t you? After all, 71% of Brazilian companies already Belgium Email Lists adopt a content strategy (data from Content Trends 2017 ). What a lot of people don’t know is that there are several ways to produce rich material for the internet, generating engagement among consumers and improving brand recognition. One of the Belgium Email Lists most common confusions is the distinction between Branded Content and Content Marketing. Although many people believe that this is a subdivision, these strategies have quite different goals and characteristics. In short, the choice must be made in accordance with the company’s market and marketing objectives. Nothing prevents the two from Belgium Email Lists being produced simultaneously, but it is important to understand the differences so that each one is, in fact, effective and generates significant results for the brand.

Branded Content and brand image positioning

Branded Content and brand image positioning The Branded Content is directly related to the production of content in order to improve the positioning of Belgium Email Lists  the brand in the market and transform the public’s view about the company behind the products or services offered. This strategy can be translated as “branded content”, it is also known as “branded entertainment”. The proposal is that the consumer has Belgium Email Lists access to content that brings fun and information at the same time, making it clear that the material was produced by a company. For example: if a makeup brand wants to establish itself in the market as one that is looking for self-esteem and appreciation of women’s beauty, it can produce a video with ordinary women talking about what they like most about themselves, while Belgium Email Lists test the brand’s products.

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The goals of Branded Content

The idea is precisely this: to produce content that reinforces the positioning that the brand has or intends to have in the market, making the public feel empathy and identify themselves. In the example of the makeup Belgium Email Lists brand, for example, women with self-esteem problems could identify and seek to know more about the products offered, increasing the possibility of purchase intention. So, in addition to passing on relevant information about the standardization of female beauty, the brand generates engagement among its Belgium Email Lists target audience and, in some cases, it even manages to use this content as a buzz marketing strategy . There will be a connection, almost a feeling of gratitude among the audience, causing them to be encouraged to purchase the product. The goals of Branded Content The purpose of this content Belgium Email Lists production is to ensure that the audience remembers the brand when a need arises.

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