Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin? Jessica apellániz. Cco of ogilvy mexico. Says the following “today we can say that the day of the dead campaign is the Thailand phone number anticipate by mexicans and it is undoubtedly thanks to the work and courage that we have maintaine for years at ogilvy together with cerveza victoria. In “el sabor del reencuentro” he makes visible one of the great values we have: contact with affections. Under this premise. The new victoria beer campaign was create.

Which you can see here . El film ogilvy and media monks present the new campaign for cerveza victoria “cempasúchil: el sabor del reencuentro” Thailand phone number to touch the nostalgia of traditions and the encounter with those who are no longer using the real feelings of mexicans. Since what was said within the video of just three minutes. Are real comments compile from the official accounts of cerveza victoria.

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The new campaign. “the taste of reunion” has a very special feature. Because the film was built base on “real comments from mexicans” taken from the social networks of  Thailand phone number victoria. With which the feelings of thousands of citizens and nostalgia are captur. That represents missing and celebrating those who are no longer in this world. At least not. Physically. The dynamics cerveza victoria through its twitter account presents the new beer “victoria cempasúchil” a special edition with an extract of this traditional flower from mexico.

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And invites its consumers to leave their best skull on the occasion of the new campaign. The Thailand phone number and the feeling that houses mexican traditions. Mexican traditions are incalculably beautiful and full of celebration and nostalgia. There are no more emblematic dates for the national essence than the day of the dead. Since it is here when the popular saying that in mexico laughs even at death. Makes sense since it is not a joke. Far from it. It is nostalgia and memory.

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With the joy of meeting again even for a couple of nights each year. It is remembering those who are no longer here and knowing that soon they will meet again in somewhere. Celebrating death is also part of understanding that memory and affection have no borders. The name will now be Thailand phone number from meta. The change will be reflect from the moment you start the application and within its name in the configuration panels.

Whatsapp is the first platform to undergo changes within the facebook metaverse. The name change for now is only available in the beta version for Thailand phone number devices. There is no date for its change to become official within all devices. Nor for its format on pc. The whatsapp messaging platform is an application dedicated to instant messaging. For smartphones. Although it offers a desktop version. Although it is no longer only dedicated to text messaging. Since it allows you to send documents.

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